Change your website theme

At any time while working on your website you can change to a different design theme. A theme can basically be understood as a set of pre-configured styling settings, such as colors, fonts, header design, frame design, button design and much more. When you apply a new theme to your website, these settings will overwrite all of your current styling, essentially giving you a brand new website design.  

  Your content and pages will not be overwritten

When changing themes, only your styling settings will be overwritten by those present in the theme you apply. All of your existing content - modules, text, images, pages, etc. - will remain untouched.  


To switch to a different theme, click on Themes in the Editor's main navigation. 



You can select from a wide range of themes adapted to particular business categories. Click on any of the business categories listed on the left to filter the themes. Remember that none of the industry-specific images and texts will be copied over to your website so you can safely pick a theme from a business category that doesn't match yours.



Before selecting a theme, you can hover over it and click the Preview button to get an idea about what it looks like on the various viewports. 

  Undoing theme selection

If you are not happy with the theme you have applied, you can revert back to the previous version of your website by using the Editor's rollback feature. 

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