Get started with Scheduling

The Editor's built-in Scheduling feature enables you to accept bookings from visitors made directly on your website - ideal for any provider of services where it adds value to let customers book in advance, for example auto repair shops, hairdressers, beauty studios, tax consultants, and within many other industries. 

  Take the video tour

Click here to watch an introduction video to Scheduling and learn the basics of setting up services and staff members.


Steps to set up Scheduling on your website

Walk through the steps below to successfully set up Scheduling on your website:

  1. Set up your basic configuration, including supported languages and currencies, your business information, opening hours, etc.
  2. Create services that you want visitors to be able to book.
  3. Add staff members and associate them with the services you are providing.
  4. Add the Scheduling button to your website to start accepting online bookings.
  5. Familiarize yourself with Scheduling's calendar view where you manage pending appointments and can manually create new appointments as well.
  6. Get an overview of the various appointment statuses and which notification messages they trigger to the customer and staff member booked.


Booking flow from the visitor's perspective

When booking an appointment, the visitor goes through the following steps on your website:


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