Add staff members

In order for you to provide services for your customers, you need to associate staff members to the services they are able to perform so visitors can book appointments with them.

If more than one staff member is associated with a service, visitors will be able to select which of the staff members they would like to perform the service.

Click on Staff in the left-side menu to view a list of your current staff and get started with creating new members.


Click the Create new staff button to add a new staff member to your list. In some cases it might be time-saving for you to duplicate an existing staff member and re-use the related information and/or associated services. Duplicate a member of staff by ticking the box next to them and clicking the Duplicate button.

You can always delete staff members from your list by ticking the box next to the relevant individual(s) and clicking the Delete selected button.


Add staff member details

Write in the name of the staff member along with their email address, phone number and a description. The staff member's name and their description will be visible to visitors during the booking flow. Their email address and phone number will not show during the actual booking flow but can be added on email notifications sent to customers prior to their appointment.


Staff member visibility

A staff member can have three different visibility settings:

  • Public: the staff member can be selected by visitors and can also be selected in calendar view when you are manually adding an appointment.
  • Internal: the staff member cannot be selected by visitors but can be selected in calendar view when you are manually adding an appointment.
  • Inactive: the staff member cannot be selected by visitors and cannot be selected in calendar view when you are manually adding an appointment.


Create recognition 

To help both visitors and the booking calendar admin recognize the staff member, you can assign them a particular color and add one or more images to their profile.

Assign a color to the staff member by clicking on the color square and selecting the desired color. You can also type in the color HEX code if you have one. This color will not be visible to visitors but appears as the staff member's unique color on the calendar view, helping you quickly identify which appointments belong to that particular individual.



Add one or more images to the staff member's profile to help visitors identify and remember them. These images are displayed to visitors during the booking flow. Upload images from your hard drive or select images you have previously uploaded from your File Library. If you have added multiple images, the first one (furthest to the left) will serve as the main image and is the one that visitors will see on the staff selection list when they are performing the booking.

  Cropping images

It's recommended that you use square images of your staff members as they tend to display best, both on the website and within Scheduling where they are automatically rounded. If you've uploaded an image that isn't square (i.e. without identical height and width proportions), you can click on Edit next to the image to open it up in the Image Editor. There you can use the Transform feature to resize your image to a square.


Associate the staff member with services

Once you have filled in the basic details about the staff member, you need to define which service(s) they are able to perform and visitors can book them for. Tick the service(s) that you want the staff member to be associated with.


If you haven't created any services yet you can always come back to this later on or do it the other way around by associating staff members to services on your overview of services.


Define staff member availability

By default, every staff member will be available to take bookings during the hours you have defined in Opening hours. If a staff member works hours that are different from your general hours, you can specify them in the Staff availability tab on the individual staff member profiles.

For example, let's say that your general business opening hours on Fridays are 09:00-18:00. However, one of your staff members leaves at 15:00 every Friday and is therefore unable to take bookings after that time. In this case, change that staff member's availability on Fridays to 09:00-15:00.

In Special work hours, you can specify working hours for, for example, holidays. You can state a start and end date and toggle the button Available in order to show the time period as available for this staff member in the calendar. If Available is not toggled, this time period will be blocked in the calendar for the specific staff member.

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