Digital business card module

Enable visitors to easily download or forward contact information in vCard format directly from your website using the Digital business card module. You can add a Digital business card module by selecting Digital business card under the category Company information in the Add module overlay.



Hover the module and click on Content, Design or Settings on the dropdown to edit it. 



You can feed person data into the Digital business card module either from Global Data or by entering it locally in the module itself. 


Global Data: If you enter person data in Global Data, you can re-use it across your website in multiple Digital business card modules, if you wish. To use information from Global Data, toggle Use Global Data source. If you have created multiple persons in Global Data, select from the dropdown which person you want displayed in the module.

  Persons from Global Data

You can create as many persons as you want in Global Data. When you add a Digital business card module to your site, you'll be able to choose which person you want displayed in the module. 

In the module: If Use Global Data source is not toggled, you can enter person data directly in the module. Be aware that any person data entered locally in a module cannot be re-used automatically in other Digital business card modules on your website.



The Design section is where you change general design such as background, border and spacing of your Digital business card module.



In Settings you can change the texts on the email and download links if you wish. The default texts are "Email as vCard" and "Download as vCard", respectively.


Download or forward Digital business card

Once you have inserted the Digital business card module and published your website, visitors will be able to download it in .vcf format or send it in an email.  



Here is what a vCard looks like when opened on a desktop computer:




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