Language selector module

The Language selector module lets your visitors select which language they wish to view your website in. You need to have a multi-language website in order for the Language selector to work. You can only have one Language selector added at a time on your website. You can add a Language selector module by selecting Language selector under the category Page navigation in the Add module overlay.



  This is a header and footer-only module

The Language Selector module can only be inserted in the header or footer of your website and you will therefore not be able to select it from the Add module menu anywhere else on your website.



Tick the box Only show flag if you only want visitors to see the flag associated with the language and not the actual name of the language. A flag icon will only appear if you have selected one for each of your languages in the language settings menu.

Apart from aligning your Language selector left, right or centre you can also adjust the following:

  • Float: use this feature for wrapping text around your Language selector module. You can float the module to the left or the right. 
  • Margin: adjust the amount of spacing outside of the selector.
  • Padding: adjust the amount of spacing between the selector and module frame.
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