Change your website colors and font

Using the Editor's Quick Styling feature, you can easily change your website's visual identity by applying a new primary color and font family.



Click on Quick Styling in the Editor's main navigation and use the color picker to select a color or input a hex color code. You can also change the font family used across your website. Doing so will affect all the texts on your website, including those in the various modules.

  What happens when I pick a color?

You only need to pick one color. The Editor will do the rest of the work for you. When you select a color, the Editor automatically generates a light and a dark version of that color and point them out on various content elements, such as the header and footer, buttons, social icons, fonts, and many other places. The various gradients of the color are pointed out in a way that ensures that the contrasts are balanced across your entire website. 


Remember that you can always undo any changes you have made in Quick Styling by using the Editor's rollback feature.

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