Once you've created your email campaign and filled in the basic information, it's time to start working on the visual appearance of your email.

Start by clicking the Design campaign tab.


Select layout

To help you get started with your email campaign, we've designed four base layouts for you to choose from:

  • Showcase your products/services
  • Educate your audience
  • Tell a story
  • Make an announcement

Each layout is different in the way they combine text, images and buttons. Preview a layout by hovering over it and clicking the Preview button. Once you've settled on a layout, click Select to start editing it.


Edit layout

With the unique campaign editor, you can easily adapt your selected layout to suit your specific needs and style.

Select font family

You can select one of seven different font families for your email campaign. The selected font applies to all texts in your email, including headlines, paragraphs, button texts, footer texts, etc.

  Why can't I select other font families?

Emails are static and subject to quite a lot of restrictions in order to appear nicely in a great variety of email clients. While it may be tempting to use newer or custom font types, it risks making the email unreadable or appear poorly designed in some email clients. The seven font families available in the Editor by default have been tested and trialled, and you can be sure that they look good in emails regardless of the email client your recipients are using. In case the email client cannot display the selected font, we have defined a "fallback" font that is displayed instead and looks similar to the original font.


Select spot color

Your spot color determines the color on all the buttons in your email campaign. The color picker also shows your website spot colors to help you select one that matches your overall visual identity.



Desktop and mobile view

You can edit your email campaign in either desktop or mobile view. Switch between the two in order to preview how your campaign looks on the two device types.


Adding rows

An email campaign is made up of a set of rows that each contain different types of content that you can edit. If you wish to add a new row, hover between any two existing rows and click the blue + Add row button.


You can then add either a simple row or an advanced row:

  • Simple rows consist of a single content element, such as a headline, paragraph, image, etc.
  • Advanced rows consist of multiple content elements chunked together.


Deleting content

To delete an element from your email campaign, hover over it and move your cursor slightly to the right of the content area. The outlined area will expand and you'll notice a small, red trash icon in the top-right corner of the outline.


Note that you can only delete entire rows and not individual elements within that row. For example, if you have added an advanced row with an image and text, you can not delete those elements individually but must remove the entire row.



Editing the email footer

Regardless of which email campaign layout you have selected, it comes with a pre-designed footer. The footer consists of the following elements:

  • A left-aligned text element intended to contain your company name and address.
  • A right-aligned text element intended to contain you contact information and social links.
  • An email unsubscribe link. You can define which page on your website readers land on if they wish to unsubscribe. Read more here.
  • A center-aligned text element intended to contain your copyright notice.


You can, of course, delete these elements or replace them with other rows if you wish.

  Why can't I delete the email unsubscribe link?

Every element in your email campaign can be deleted expect for the email unsubscribe link in the footer. As per the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy framework, individuals must always have the option to unsubscribe from receiving emails and other messages. For that reason, you're unable to delete the email unsubscribe link as not having it would conflict with EU law.

In cases where you are not sending out sales or marketing related content, you may not need to provide an unsubscribe option. By leaving the unsubscribe link text blank, it won't show in the email.


Send test email

At any time while editing your layout, you can send out a test email to see how your campaign looks when opened in an email client. Click the Send test email button in the top-right corner of the campaign editor, fill in the destination email address, and click Send test.


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