Define default sender email and name

In Marketing > Marketing settings, you can define a sender email and name that will be used by default on all new campaigns you create.


When creating a new campaign, the default sender email and name will automatically be added as the sender of the campaign. If you wish to use a different email or name on a specific campaign, simply delete the default values and type in something else.

  Using a "noreply" sender email address

It may be a good idea to carefully consider which email address you put as the sender of campaign emails. If you use your own business email, for example, customers can reply directly to you on all campaign emails sent to them. Alternatively, you can select to use a "noreply" email address, for example, to indicate to customers that they are not supposed to reply to the campaign message.

  If you're changing default email and sender

Please note that when changing default sender email and name, it will not apply to campaigns that have already been saved or sent out. The change will only apply to any new campaigns you create.

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