Showcase products to generate leads and customer conversations

With the Editor's native E-commerce feature, you can sell products online and accept payments directly through your website.

However, if you only want to display your products with the aim of generating conversations with potential customers and not sell them directly online, you can configure your shop to accommodate this purpose. 

  Why only showcase and not sell?

There can be several business reasons for only displaying products or services but not selling them directly online. For example, the price of a product may not be fixed and depends on a unique configuration that needs to be agreed with the customer. Furthermore, engaging in a conversation with the customer prior to a purchase may help the business owner upsell other products or services to that customer.


How to set up a Showcase configuration

In order to showcase products, follow the steps outlined in this article but omit adding the Cart button module on your website as you won't be accepting direct online orders.

Now, head to E-commerce > Settings > Product page options to modify the appearance of your product pages.


Untick one or more of the following boxes, depending on your desired configuration:

  • Show product price
  • Show product quantity selector
  • Show product availability

Finally, you need to decide if you want to display a button on your product pages or not. If you tick the box Show request information button, the Add to cart button will automatically be hidden from product pages. You can decide what you want the Request information button to point to:

  • External URL
  • Internal page (for example to a page where you have a contact form)
  • Email (when clicked, the visitor's default email application opens)
  • File (for example a price list or product catalog in PDF for download)
  • Phone (when clicked, the visitor's default phone application opens)

You can also untick both button options (Request information button and Add to cart button) and thereby have a product page without any button at all.


Examples of different element combinations

Product page with no button, price displayed:


Product page with Request information button pointing to a phone number, no price displayed:


Product page with Request information button pointing to an internal page with a contact form, price displayed:


Product page with Add to cart button, price displayed ("traditional" E-commerce):


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