Add and manage category tags

Category tags are useful when you want to organize your products. You can add one or more category tags to your product, and make specific tags for your variants. By doing so, you can group your products exactly as you want.


Create and manage category tags

You can find all of your existing tags on the Category Tags option of the left side overview under E-commerce. By clicking on top of each tag you'll be able to see which products are associated with a specific tag.

For each tag you add, you can assign a label to it for each of the languages that you support on your website. For example, if your website comes in English and Spanish and one of your product categories are 'boots', you can label the tag 'boots' in English and 'botas' in Spanish. In the labels, you can also input special characters and spaces.



Add or delete category tags

Click the Add Tag button to create additional tags for every language that is in use on your website. If you want to delete a tag, tick the tag you wish to delete, and click Delete.



 Deleting tags currently in use

It is not possible to delete tags that are currently in use on one or more of your products. In order to delete the tag, you need to first remove it from any products it is being used on and then delete it from the Category tags list.


Apply and use category tags

Once you have created a tag, you can attach it to a product. This can be done on the product page in the Basic tab. Read more here.

Tags are useful when you are setting up and organizing your Product Catalog. To read more about the Product Catalog module, click here.

Finally, you can use tags as a filtering parameter on the Shop filter module. Doing this means that on your published website, visitors can filter the products in your Catalog module based on the tags you have added to them. 


How do category tags work?

You can pick which products you want to show in the Product Catalog module by entering tags. You may enter as many tags as you want. By entering multiple tags you will effectively filter down the selection and number of products shown.



By entering a tag that is attributed to every product you want to display, you will filter down the selection. For example, by entering the tag 'boots', every product with this tag will show in the Product Catalog module. If you want to narrow the selection even more and only show a specific set of products, enter more tags.



 Products will not display in the Product Catalog module if:

  • The product is set to hidden
  • The product is set to '0' in quantity and the out-of-stock behaviour is selected to be hidden
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