Manage SEO for your products

In the SEO tab on product creation you can fill in a product title and page description and thereby manage how the product appears in search engine result listings. It is possible to add SEO elements for each product to provide more information for potential customers.

If the fields SEO title and SEO description are left blank, your product name and description will automatically be copied over from the Basic tab. In case your website supports different languages, you will need to fill in the field for each of the languages.



Add a title, description and keywords

To start off, you should add a title that clearly and concisely describes your product. If you don't fill in this part, the Editor will automatically copy the main title you've attributed to the product under the Basic tab.

After you've added a title, you need to fill in the description. Add an interesting, brief and relevant description of your product. Same as the title, if you leave this section blank, the Editor will copy the main product description from the Basic tab.

To finish this part of the SEO setup, add relevant keywords regarding your product. Your keywords should be implemented as shown below.


 Recommended number of characters

Try to keep your description to a maximum of 160 characters as most search engines truncate paragraphs any longer than that. 


To give you a better overview and make this process easier, the Editor gives you a preview of what your product would look like on a Google search through the Google Search Result Preview Tool.



Create a permalink

Create your own permalink for each individual product or let the editor generate it by itself. Note that in order for each product page to have its own SEO value, each page must have an individual permalink, different from other existing products.



Add 301 redirects

If you already had E-commerce products on your website and wish to maintain their SEO value, it is possible to redirect the individual products to their new pages. Simply type down the directory part of the URL in the field (e.g. ProductX instead of It is also important that you input only one URL per line.


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