Add and manage variation labels

Variation labels are used when you have one or more variations of a product. They represent general characteristics of a product - like color, size or shape. Find the Variation labels on the left navigation bar in E-commerce. By default, you will have two variation labels already created - color and size.


To successfully add and manage variation labels of your product, follow these steps:


Create and edit variation labels

If your product comes in different variations - for example in terms of color, size, shape, etc. - you can create your variation labels here and easily add them to new or existing products.

  1. Create a variation label for your new or existing product by selecting the button Add variation label. You need to create variation labels for each language your website supports. You can do so by ticking the language you wish to create variation labels for, and filling the variation label's information as instructed.2.png
  2. Name your variation label and fill in its variants. If the variation label of your product is 'color', add variants that describe them, for example 'brown' and 'red'. You can add as many variants as you need by selecting Add one more variant.3.png
  3. After creating a variation label, you can always edit it or delete it. If you want to edit the variation label, you can do so the same way as you've created it in the first place. However, if you want to delete a variation label, you need to tick its related box, and click the Delete option. If you want to keep the variation label, but rather just delete its variations, just click on the trash can next to the variant.4.png


Apply variation labels

Since the Variation label should be the general characteristic of your product, having them properly defined is the prerequisite for successfully creating your product and defining its variants. You can have as many variation labels as you wish.


Attribute variation labels to your product

Head over to the product you wish to add variations to, and click on the Basic tab located in the product overview. Here you can add and select all the product variations you've defined as default ones under Variation labels.



Define product variants

By default, once you create a product and have attributed the variation labels, one variant will be automatically created. Within the variant labels defined, here you can choose the individual options for your labels. To read more about applying variation labels and creating product variants, click here.



 Keep in mind

To have a full list of your variants, you must have a complete combination of all your variation labels, e.g. if you have products in 3 colors and 3 sizes, at the end you must have 9 variants created.

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