Create a new product

Head to the Products category and click the New product button to start adding a product.


On the new product page, you will see four different tabs:

  • Basic: Here you can fill in basic information regarding your core product. Edit the name, fill in a description, add a text on product image, select the tax, product price and delivery time. You will also find the option to attach a file on the product page, for example a product fact sheet or size guide.
  • Variants: Variants are basically different versions of the same core product, for example if it comes in different shapes, sizes, colours, etc. Define all kinds of variants of your core product in this tab. Click here to read more about how to add variants of your product.
  • Photos: Here you can upload one or more images of the product that visitors can flip through while browsing the product page. Click here to read more about how to upload images of your product, change the order in which they are displayed and set a primary image.
  • SEO: In this tab you can fill in a product title and page description and thereby manage how the product appears in search engine result listings. If you don't fill in anything in the fields and save your product, the Editor will automatically copy over your product title and description from the Basic tab. To properly set up your information in the SEO tab, click here.


Follow these steps under the Basic tab in order to create your product:


Add information about the product

Fill in your product name and a brief description of the most relevant information. You can further add a text on your product image which allows you to shortly communicate something about the product, for example if it’s on sale.

By adding text in the field Product List Image, a text on top of your product image will appear in the product list, the overview of all your products using the catalog module on your website. Text added in the field Product Page Image will appear on top of your product image when opening the product site by clicking on the product.

Screenshot_2020-10-12_at_12.06.25.png  Screenshot_2020-10-12_at_12.08.43.png


Add the price of the product

You can either add your price excluding or including taxes and the system will automatically calculate the missing value. Note that the taxes will be calculated based on the tax regulation of the country you have selected as your store location, as well as which product type you selected from the dropdown menu.


If your product is on sale or you would like to run a promotional pricing, enter it under Discounted price and specify a time frame. Changes made to prices and price timers will automatically update any variants that have identical pricing. Variants with different prices will not be affected by the changes. Any updates to these must be entered directly in the Variants section.



Specify product delivery & visibility

Specify the usual delivery time of your product as well as your delivery in case the product is out of stock by choosing a time frame from the dropdown menu. Visitors will be able to see the delivery time on the product page after clicking on the image in the catalog. You can specify your default delivery times in E-Commerce > Settings > Product page options.



By default, your product will be visible on your shop from the time of creation. You can, however, set a specific date and time when your product should be visible to customers. Set your product visibility on case it is out of stock:

  • Don't show: If this option is selected, the product will not show in the product catalog in case it is out of stock. Customers will not be able to see and purchase it.
  • Show Product - Allow Purchase: If this option is selected, the product will show in the product catalog in case it is out of stock. Customers will be able to see and purchase it.
  • Show Product – Don’t Allow Purchase: If this option is selected, the product will show in the product catalog in case it is out of stock. Customers will be able to see it. However, they will not be able to purchase the product.



 What happens if a customer wants to buy more items than available?

If a customer wants to buy more items of your product than currently available in your stock, it depends on what option has been selected in the If out of stock dropdown menu. For example, a total number of 10 items of your product is available in stock, but a customer wants to add 15 items into the cart - what happens?

  • Show Product - Allow Purchase: If this option is selected, the customer would be able to successfully purchase all 15 items and you would be left with a negative stock of 5 items.
  • Show Product – Don’t Allow Purchase: If this option is selected, the customer would not be able to purchase all 15 items. The maximum available number of 10 items that can be purchased would automatically be added to the cart instead. The following error message would appear: You have selected one or more items that have limited available stock. The quantities in your shopping cart have therefore been automatically updated with the maximum number of each product currently available for purchase.


Product tags & variations

Product tags help you categorise your products and make it possible to show only certain types of products on your website. For example, if you are selling both coffee and tea products and assign all your coffee products the tag 'coffee', you can create a dedicated page for these products on your website and set the Product catalog module to only show products that have the 'coffee' tag.


If your product comes in different sizes, shapes and colours, you will be able to select your variations here. In the dropdown menu, you will find all variations defined in Variation labels. If, for example, your product is a shoe and it comes in different colours and shoe sizes, create the specific variations in E-Commerce >Variation labels first and select both colour and size from the dropdown menu. Read more about Variation labels here.


You can add a second variation by clicking Add variation. Customers will now be able to both select their shoe size and choose a colour of their liking. For more information on how to create variants of your product, read this article.


Attach files

It is possible to both add a video and a file on your product page. In Video/HTML embed you are able to insert the HTML snippet of the video of your choosing in order for it to appear on the product page underneath the product description.

If you would like to add a product fact sheet or a size guide on your product page, go to E-Commerce > Create a new product > Attachments. Here, you'll be able to upload a document and add a file title. Customers will be able to see the file and its title on the product page and are able to download the document.


If you want to create multiple products at once and don't want to manually create each of them, for example if you are migrating them from another platform on to the Editor, you can import them using an XSLX file.

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