Create variants of your product

Variants are product characteristics that differentiate the same kind of products. For example, if the product is a pair of shoes, the variants can be the color and size. You can have as many variants of your product as you wish, or have none at all.


To successfully create variants of your product, follow these steps:


Add variation labels

If your product comes in different variations - for example in terms of color, size, shape, etc. - you can create your variation labels here and easily add them to new or existing products. You can find the Variation labels tab on the left navigation bar under E-commerce. Read more about Variation Labels here.


Once you add a variation label, for example the color of your product, you can name the variations related to that label - such as 'blue' and 'red'.



Add product variations

After you've created all the variation labels you need for your product, head over to the product you wish to add variations to, and click on the Basic tab located in the product overview.

Here you can add and select all the product variations you've defined as default ones under Variation labels.



Define the product variations

By default, once you create a product and have attributed the variation labels, one variant will be automatically created.


Variation details

Within the variant labels defined, here you can choose the individual options for your labels. Keep in mind that to have a full list of your variants, you must have a complete combination of all your variation labels, e.g. if you have products in 3 colors and 3 sizes, at the end you must have 9 variants created. You can also add a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and the quantity you have in stock.


The quantity is relevant for several reasons - your own stock overview (internal) and for your visitors to know how many specific products you have in stock (external). The quantity overview will be included in three different places on your web shop:

  • On product pages
  • In the cart overlay
  • On the check out page


Specify price & delivery

When a new product is created, the variants will inherit the price of the basic product. However, it is possible to set individual prices and sales for each variant.

Add the product variant price either excluding or including tax based on your tax settings in Shop Settings. If you'd like to run a promotional price, enter it under Discounted price.


After defining the price, you can specify the delivery for each variant and the out of stock delivery time. Customers can see this on the product page before adding the product to their cart. By doing it in this section, it overwrites the delivery options added in the Basic section. Don't forget that it's possible to define your default delivery times in Shop Settings.


Product tags and internal notes

The variants inherit the Tags you've assigned to the original product. In this section you can add additional tags specific for each variant. Use tags to group and display products on your website using the shop modules.


If you desire, you can add a small note for each individual variant that will only be visible to you as the site owner, which means the customers won't be able to see it.


Define the product's dimensions and visibility

Under the Dimensions section, you're able to specify the weight and dimensions of your product variant so you can automate the shipping process. The details include weight, which should be added in grams; and height, depth and length, which should be added in centimetres. This will influence shipping costs if you have based your shipping pricing tiers on product weight. You can define your shipping prices in Shop Settings.


The Visibility option enables you to hide the variant or make it visible from a specific date. By default, the variant will be visible from the moment of creation. If the variants are hidden, the product will not be shown on the catalog.


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