Manage your orders

The Orders section in E-commerce lets you manage pending and existing orders on your website, and easily keep track of them. Under this section, you can credit and cancel orders, and also view orders that are completed or pending.


The Orders section is composed of:


Pending orders

Once a customer places an order, it will be shown to you as a Pending Order. In this section you can track all your pending orders, which are orders that have been purchased by your clients but you have not approved and completed yet.



  1. To see additional details about each specific order, click on the editing tool on the right side of the relevant order.3.png
  2. By clicking this option, a new page with all the order's details opens. Here you can see the order status, date, payment type, currency, customer order comments, as well as the billing and shipping addresses.4.png
  3. After you have verified all the details of the order, you are ready to ship it. To fulfill the order, change the status of the order to Completed. Now you can find this order under the Completed orders section.

    However, if you want to cancel the selected order, click on the Cancel order button. Once cancelled, the order will be visible under the Cancelled section of the Orders tab.5.png


 Email notifications to customers

Email notifications are sent out to the customer every time an order is moved to a new status.


Completed orders

Here you can track all your completed orders. You should only move an order to Completed once you are ready to fulfill the order.


Once the order has been moved to the Completed orders, the client will receive an invoice on his email. The collection of payment depends on the payment gateway chosen.

To check additional details about each specific order, click on the view tool on the right side.


This section will show you the information of a certain order you have completed. If you want to download the invoice received by the customer, click on the download button on the upper right corner of the order information box.



Credited orders

Credited orders are orders that you have partially or fully refunded to clients. To be able to credit an order, the order must be at the Completed stage.

  1. Open the Completed orders tab, and select the order you wish to credit by clicking on the editing tool located on the right side of the order.  and click on the Credit order button on the top of the page. A new page with the credit details will appear.9.png
  2. By selecting this, a new page opens which enables you to credit the selected order. 10.png
  3. Once you've opened this page, scroll down and you'll be able to see all the relevant order details. If the order contains only one item, select it and click on the Credit button at the top of the page. However, if the order is consisted of multiple items, you can choose to credit only certain items, or all of them.

    Furthermore, you can also choose to credit the shipping price as shown below. In case you want to charge the client a Return Shipping cost, you can do it by typing down how much this cost should be. Given that the total is an amount to be credited and since this is a cost for the client, don't forget to add the value as a negative amount.11.png


    In this section you can choose a percentage of the price or type down in the field the exact amount you wish to refund.15.png

  4. Other than crediting the product and shipping price, you can also credit a specific amount. Before finishing the process, you can select the method you're going to credit through, and write an internal note about why you've credited the order which the customer won't be able to see.12.png
  5. To finalize the crediting process, scroll all the way to the top of the page, and click on the Credit button.13.png
  6. The order will now be visible under the Credited section where you can see its details by clicking on the view tool at the right side of the order.14.png


Cancelled orders

In this section you can check all of your cancelled orders. To find more information about each order, click on the editing tool on the right side of the order. The order can be cancelled only during its pending stage. To cancel an order, select it by ticking its box on the left side, and click on the Cancel order button.


Cancelled orders and stock quantities

When an order is cancelled, the stock is not updated automatically. This means that if you cancel an order of X items, you must go back to your product list and manually restock that X amount of items.

 Please note!

Once an order was moved to the Cancelled order stage, it is not possible to change its status back; only change an order status to Cancelled if you are certain that you want to cancel it.

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